Captains and Crew

In addition to being a licensed Coast Guard captain, Wendy Bryden is also a State of Alaska Marine Safety instructor. Wendy has worked as a coastal ranger and wildlife biologist for Kenai Fjords National Park and the Chugach National Forest. These public lands surround the local marine waters.

photo boat
photo big fish Captain Jeffrey has been playing Alaskan waters for over 25 years! He holds a Coast Guard 50-ton license and is a State of Alaska Marine Safety Instructor. He is a retired federal law enforcement officer. Jeff's many years of working in the field doing fisheries and wildlife biological work and marine patrols provide a unique perspective of Alaska you can't get from other captains.

As the son of two fishing captains Casey literally has grown up in the business. From helping bait your hook, net your fish, to cleaning the boat at the end of the day, Casey is here to make your trip fun, safe, and enjoyable.

photo casey with crabs

Captain Cody knows these pacific waters well and has caught, cleaned, gaffed, netted, harpooned, and helped safely release thousand's of fish. He will rig your gear and have fresh bait and fishing advice available when you need it. Cody will even film your fishing adventure if you want him to.